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Content management

Keeping your website and its content up to date is vital to a continuing presence on the World Wide Web. Successful websites need to be updated, users and search engines need a reason to come back.

Our ongoing maintenance service covers the infrastructure required for your website to operate such as hosting, security certificates and spam protection. AND more importantly we also manage your content. This might include:

  • Optimising and adding images
  • Adding videos on a regular basis
  • Creating new pages and news articles
  • Donation campaigns
  • Adding prayer courses
  • Creating additional pages for specific times of the year such as Advent and Easter
  • Keeping Mass times up to date
  • Group updates

You provide the content and we will determine the best way to add it to your website. For example we update sermons each week at the Parish of Brentford and create pages for bespoke content such as Advent.

We added the past five years worth of the Church Newsletter at St John’s Church Weymouth and we keep their teachings page up to date by adding their Sunday Service each week.